99% of organizations in any industry have similar problems
Exhausting inventory
Human factor
Loss and theft
Manual inventory takes a minimum of 50 hours and involves half of the employees, that stops the work of the organization
Inattention when picking, issuing and shipping items, in filling out documentation, improper planning
Accounting problems
Discrepancy between data and the actual availability of material resources and accounting data
Caused by insufficient control over the availability and condition of inventory resources
Financial losses of the organization
Degradation of customer service
Employee theft
This leads to an uncontrolled flow of material resources and information
Lack of reliable data
Radio frequency identification (Radio Ffrequency Identification, abbreviated as RFID) is a modern automatic system that allows you to identify, track, sort and detect an unlimited number of objects, documents, vehicles, clothes, containers and even people.
RFID technology can help solve these problems
An RFID tag with specific information is attached to each item. The tag can be read by a mobile or stationary reader at a distance of up to 10 meters, while all information is transferred to a common database on a computer.
What is the essence of RFID technology?
RFID tag on the object
When affected by the antenna field, the tag transmits a response signal and all the necessary data
Forms electromagnetic waves, emits a signal and captures signals from RFID tags
RFID reader/writer
Software that analyzes the data received from the object performs the desired action
3 components of RFID system:
RFID tag can store up to 1MB of data, which can be overwritten and padded many times, making it very practical.
Bigger storage capacity
RFID technology is 92% more efficient than the traditional labeling systems
The data on the tag can be encrypted with a password for the write and read data operation. A single label can store public and private data at the same time.
High security
RFID tag can be read at a distance of up to several tens of meters. Readers can simultaneously read several dozen RFID tags per second.
Support reading multiple labels
RFID tags are not exposed to heat or chemicals, withstand temperatures up to 220°C, they are durable and counterfeit-proof.
Environmental resistance
RFID reader does not need a direct line of sight to the tag in order to read its data. Labels can be read through the packaging, which makes them possible to hide them.
No need for line of sight
Difference between barcode, QR code and RFID
It is possible to fake
It's easy to fake
Fake is impossible
Counterfeit protection
Ability to overwrite data
More than 10 years
Tag lifespan
up to 200 labels tags per second
Simultaneous identification of several objects
up to 1 m
up to 4 m
up to 100 m
Registration range
up to 3 000 bytes
up to 100 bytes
до 10 000 байт
Memory size
Read even hidden tag
Need for line of sight
up to 10 000 bytes
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An employee simply walks through the archive with a reader and can process up to 10,000 items per day
Badges or wristbands equipped with RFID tags will help to monitor access control and actions of employees
You will no longer need to rely on people, which means the risk of error and marriage is minimized
Fast and reliable inventory
Staff optimization
Exclusion of the human factor
Result from the implementation of the RFID system
Everything, from acceptance to shipment of goods, will now be under constant automatic control
Stationary readers keep track of who and what takes out of the room, and notify security in the event of a violation
You simply set its code to the reader and go around all the premises. When the desired item is found, the reader will notify you with a signal
Automation of warehouse processes
Property movement control
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